Rest even now, Breonna

So let me get this straight. Unarmed black people are being murdered by those who are supposed to protect and serve. Trump is a vile and racist human being sitting as President for America soon to be dick-tator and at least 46% of people want it that way. Multi-national corporations have ruined our eco-system with their greed and claiming individual status to garner rights over the average person. Racism and violence is running rampant in every part of the globe. Women of color are disappearing and showing up murdered at alarming rates. ICE is doing abhorrent things to people who are seeking asylum here in America. And the horrid list of human hypocrisy and tragedy goes on…Not only that we are dealing with COVID-19 and on the brink of a second wave. If you ask me. Good is not winning. Everything is so out of balance that I want to scream us all back into sanity. The human race is not sane. Please check yourself for real insanity…racism, sexism, violence, ageism, ableism….denialism…Check yourself and be honest. Then do something about it. But above all, help someone…love someone…serve someone…be kind to someone. Vote against hatred and dogma. Be critical thinking bad asses that stand up for the vulnerable and the under dog. Don’t make excuses for bullies and don’t stand up for them. Finally, pray. Pray for us all.

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