New “Black Thursday” EP and the COVID Blues

Hi friends,

Been a minute but Lady of Fire Poetry has a new EP out called “Black Thursday” which can be found at Kalamine Records on Bandcamp. Please take the time to support my artistic efforts and buy the EP. Meantime, I am working on a new album and more material. Unfortunately, I am taking a short hiatus as this Christmas I got the COVID, a milder version yet I am so tired and the sore throat is bothersome. As I speak, my throat is feeling much better but a cough is lingering so I must take off from work and try to get better. Send lots of love and prayers this way. Drop a line and tell me how you are doing. I love hearing from my fellow beings and artists alike. Don’t be a stranger. And thanks for all your support. Remember to stay tuned for more Lady of Fire Poetry.

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