• The Lady of Fire Poetry zine is here!
    Come one and all! Get your LOFP zine here. Just inquire within on contact page. $5 dollars for color 2 inches by 4 inches or $3 for B/W edition. This zine will be monthly starting in late April! So please pick you up a copy asap! This month’s theme is “Unbecoming” the art of undoing all of your conditioning to promote healing of the trauma in your life to become authentically you.
  • The Lady of Fire Poetry Project
    I’ve been working on a project soon to come out this spring so stay tuned. It’s a small project that is close to my heart and long over due! I will not divulge the secrets…not just yet when it is completed you will know. Please have faith in the fire and please always stay fresh!
  • New “Black Thursday” EP and the COVID Blues
    Hi friends, Been a minute but Lady of Fire Poetry has a new EP out called “Black Thursday” which can be found at Kalamine Records on Bandcamp. Please take the time to support my artistic efforts and buy the EP. Meantime, I am working on a new album and more material. Unfortunately, I am taking a short hiatus as this Christmas I got the COVID, a milder version yet I am so tired and the sore throat is bothersome. As I speak, my throat is feeling much better but a cough is lingering so I must take off from work and try to get better. Send lots of love and prayers this way. Drop a line and tell me how you are doing. I love hearing from my fellow beings and artists alike. Don’t be a stranger. And thanks for all your support. Remember to stay tuned for more Lady of Fire Poetry.
  • More poetry and music to come!
    Please stay tuned. I am working on an EP as we speak! It’s going to be a wild one and dark. Still evolving as an artist, in hopes, that I can reach people with my work. Poetry is a never-ending journey of self-discovery and genuine connection to soul. Poetry is as universal as numbers or music. And combined make for an impactful artform. Feel free to explore the poetry here and get lost in a magical yet realistic world!
  • Me, Myself and I and You
    I have always been authentic and true to who I am (on most days). Sometimes I tone it down because I can be quite obnoxious at times (especially at home) and it’s just respectful of others to be kind. I try to acknowledge others by being mindful of their humanity. But alas, I am only human and fall short many of times (like we all do). I am not trying to toot my own horn (yes, I am) about how great I am when I post here on social media. I just assume that people understand that I am completely flawed in some areas like the rest of us. And I post positive messages on here not only for you but a reminder for me to try to be the best version of myself that I can. A lot of what I post, resonates with me on a very spiritual and personal level. And I appreciate you for even stopping by to say hello or to like my self-indulging posts, so to speak. Someone once said that being punk nowadays is being kind and respectful of all peoples no matter the skin they are in or how they appear to be. I am not normal by any means…and if I appear to be…oops I have led you astray. I am a bit crazy, wearing my big fat heart on my sleeves…Thanks for reading…And if you really want to know what I think read or listen to my poetry! Shameless plug, I know!