Cameras 📷 make
us vain
make us flat
2D imitations
of ourselves
Not too deep
one liners
hogging the awkward stage
finding the right
angle to show and tell
glutton for your eyes
we binge on selfies
like eating a never
ending cake
we post like
we are not in hell
our faces but
Holding Up the Sky
They are self less
Holding up the sky with
compassionate limbs
they guard
The world for nothing
True poets
with silence as their tongues
Sacrificing their lives
to get a peek
at life animating
knowing the dark
Sustenance of the ground
To walk on land
with sacred feet

Start Loving
I saw armies of women
ripping fetuses out from
their unprotected wombs
judges of men were
Burning them to a cross
On newly
manicured lawns
Nothing to see here
But an eye for a busted eye
And coal darkened skin
made a crime
Your unleavened bread will
not save you
but more than a
coven of loving witches will…

More Than a Dream
On this plane
we are flesh
made from real tears
and freshly spilt blood
we feel the incisions
to the bone
of everyday assaults
some minor
spoken words
some monumental
trauma that leaves
us stifled in our tracks
it's more than a dream
and more like a
never ending nightmare
The Origins of Despair
Mud is the battlefield
and we fight death
while the lotus goes unnoticed
We tend to breed greed
like despair is growing green
on the wrong side
We are jealous of them
and their pretty
picket fence
no matter why
they are so fly
women enter old age knowing
we've been cheated
out of youth

Black Thursday
I was born on the
Third phase of a
Waning moon
On a dark
Day in November
                                     She said
I had the wrath of a million
Ravens perched in her womb
                                     She was not ready
A voice proclaimed
Beyond my mother's knowing
She said
I was an Omen come alive
Spread across her shrinking world
                                     And I will live on for
                                     You made me endless
She said
I was the harbinger
Of her pain and a witch
To the gray moon of
her clever madness